Event Report
3rd International Conference of Regional Centres of Expertise (RCE) on ESD

The 3rd International Conference of Regional Centres of Expertise (RCE) on ESD was held from 2-4 July 2008 in Barcelona (Spain), providing an opportunity for the Centres to discuss activities and challenges in development.

The development of RCEs is an initiative of the Education for Sustainable Development (EfSD) Programme at the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS). An RCE is a network of existing formal, nonformal and informal education organisations mobilised to deliver ESD at local and regional (sub-national) levels. A network of RCEs worldwide will constitute the Global Learning Space for Sustainable Development. RCEs aspire to achieve the goals of the DESD by translating its global objectives into the context of the local communities in which they operate. At the moment, 55 RCEs are acknowledged by UNU all over the world.

Transversal issues such as communications, monitoring, evaluation and reporting were discussed at the conference. Working group sessions on the themes of biodiversity, sustainable production and consumption, teacher training, youth, health and e-learning, and sessions for each continent were part of the conference.

For more information visit: http://www.ias.unu.edu/efsd/rce

Bicing in Barcelona

An increasing number of cities including Paris and London, have
implemented public bicycle rental schemes. RCEs can help governments and other stakeholders learn about such innovations through collaborative educational programmes.

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