A Celebration of Indian Trees
Author: Ashok S. Kothari
Publication: Marg Publications
ISBN 10:81 -85026-83-1; ISBN- 13:978-81-85026-83-1; Price: Rs 2,500
‘A Celebration of Indian Trees’ book was published in 2007 to commemorate 50 years of National Society of the Friends of the Trees, dedicated to ‘create and foster a tree sense in the country.’ The book is intended as an identification guide for tree lovers across the country. 140 indigenous and
introduced tree species from across the country are described giving details about their trunk, leaves, flower and fruits along with medicinal value and other benefits. The botanical names are accompanied by with their local names; this gives an idea about the geographical reach of the plants. Interesting anecdotes, facts, poem and traditional beliefs on particular trees, makes the reading more interesting. The book through its colorful photographs/images and presentation of information aims to inspire readers to appreciate and preserve living specimens and experience the fullness of their beauty.

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Website Monitor - Millenium Development Goals
An initiative of United Nations the MDG monitor ( website, was launched in November 2007 to track the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
The MDG Monitor is a partnership among the UN, Cisco and Google for a pioneering website that tracks global progress towards achieving the MDGs. Users can access MDG related information about 130 countries worldwide. The monitor provides essential information for policy makers and development practitioners about reducing extreme poverty by 2015. A special feature of the site is
Google Earth, which allows users to view country profiles in three dimensions.

International Year of Sanitation Advocacy Kit

2008 is the International Year of Sanitation. The Sanitation Advocacy Kit is designed to further specific goals of the year - to increase awareness about the sanitation crisis as well as to secure commitments and mobilize action from governments and other stakeholders to address this global
emergency. The kit has been prepared by the United Nations (UN)- Water Task Force on sanitation. It contains a booklet that summarizes briefly why sanitation matters, detailed fact sheets on the links between sanitation and health, economic development, social development and
dignity, and environment, a matrix that demonstrates clearly that the sanitation crisis affects everyone and that everyone can contribute to solving it, a list of useful websites, talking points on sanitation, and a poster.

The material is available online on

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