Editorial Vol.16.No.1

School Sanitation

The National School Sanitation Initiative (NSSI) was launched in late April 2010, as a joint endeavour of the Ministries of Urban Development and Human Resource Development in collaboration with CBSE and GTZ. The expectation is that this new initiative could play a large role in improving sanitation levels in the country, in conjunction with the National Urban Sanitation Policy (www.urbanindia.nic.in). More information about the NSSI is on http://www.schoolsanitation.com/

Schools, NGOs and community groups are also taking their own school sanitation improvement initiatives. A key learning has been that the quality of education and infrastructure are complementary.

The design of water and sanitation infrastructure and other spaces like classrooms, lunch areas, play areas should be done with the involvement of the school community including students and parents. A wealth of experience material and approaches is available which would help in further development and implementation of the NSSI.

World Environment Day was observed across India by community groups, schools, colleges and institutions.

Picture courtesy :CEE Himalaya Photo Bank

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