Asia Pacific UNEP TUNZA
Children and Youth Conference

Sustainable Lifestyles for a Green Economy
6-8 Feb 2012, Ahmedabad

Madhavi Joshi, DESD and Youth Programmes, CEE 

"The exhibition was great, with all kinds of wonderful people with amazing views to share. It was rich in quality and I enjoyed it." - Virok Sharma, Chandigarh

"When I came here I was scared but I became a lot more confident after I saw many people, shared my ideas, and heard theirs. The exhibition gave me an opportunity to learn and grow."- Shreya Srinivas, Delhi

"TUNZA is a platform where people from different countries come together and integrate their thoughts and form a united view globally so that earth heads for a brighter future. " - Rohit Praveen Rao, UAE

123 children and youth with 45 guardian/parents/teachers from 11 countries gathered together to learn about issues and initiatives for Sustainable Lifestyles for a Green Economy. The sessions included talks by experts, interactive sessions, field visits, a traditional organic food festival and the Earth Rocks Music Contest.

This was as part of the UNEP TUNZA organized by CEE in partnership with the Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF), Government of India from 6th to 8th February, 2012 in Ahmedabad, India.

The children and youth worked together and developed a charter of recommendations. It includes calls for the participation of children and youth in decision making, strengthening of norms and rating systems that enable green lifestyles, widening of the Human Development Indicators to include environmental indicators, inclusive growth for indigenous communities.

The charter will be presented in two signi´Čücant international events being organized in 2012:
  1. Rio+20 or the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development to be held in Brazil
  2. Conference of Parties on Convention on Biological Diversity in India
The entire conference was facilitated by youth who were elected as youth leaders during the South Asia Youth Environment Regional Meet held January 2012 in Bangladesh and a team of UNEP Global Youth Advisors from the region.
Original Compositions about the Environment by the participants were presented at the Earth Rocks Music Contest.

RutuAhaar, a food festival which was organized throughout the 3 days of the conference focused on the importance of organic food.

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