Changes are taking place in the School EE scenario in the country. In Dec 2010, the matter of the writ petition no 860 filed by Shri MC Mehta in 1991 was deemed to have been put to rest by the Supreme Court. In response to the writ petition, the Supreme Court had directed in Nov 1991 that EE should be compulsory at all levels of education. The latest decision, which is an acceptance of an Affidavit submitted by NCERT, now directs all school boards to follow the infusion approach for EE. However, concerns have been raised by the Minister of State, Environment and Forests about the need to strengthen infusion processes and to provide exclusive time and space for EE in the time table. How the infusion approach will play out in the curricula of various state boards also remains to be seen.

This issue of Education for Change brings you a few different perspectives on school EE, from the points of view of policy makers, as well as practitioners.

A recent review of the ENVIS centre on EE by Dr Nilkanth Ghosh, Statistical Advisor, ENVIS Secretariat has led us to bring you this Annual publication of Education for Change. It has been suggested that the newsletter should be sent out as electronically periodically, and selected content be published in print form. We look forward to readers’ suggestions and feedback. 

"Environmental information is a critical input to decision makers, policy planners, scientists and engineers, research workers, teachers and citizens of this country.The word environment itself conjures myriad images in our mind. It is a broad-ranging, multi-disciplinary subject.
ENVIS basically caters to the needs of stake holder by disseminating information in
printed or numerical form.
To put together a comprehensive information system on environment would necessarily require effective participation of various organizations that are actively
engaged in work relating to different subject areas of environment.
CEE, the ENVIS centre for Environmental Education would be of great value to
all stake holders including teachers and learners! I appreciate CEE’s ENVIS work andwish it success.”
Shri Nilkanth Ghosh
Statistical Advisor
ENVIS Focal Point, Ministry of Environment and
Forests, Govt. of India

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