Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development

“Peace, human development and sustainable development are intricately linked. Education, in its widest sense, is the powerful instrument to deliver them as a composite endeavour. In years to come the MGIEP should be a key leader and facilitator in this hugely challenging but necessary human undertaking.” Mr Kabir Shaikh, Director, MGIEP

Mahatma Gandhi Institute of education for Peace and Sustainable Development was created by a unanimous vote in UNESCO’s 35th session of the General Conference in 2009. The institute was formally established in Delhi in July 2012. The Institute is a joint initiative of UNESCO and the Government of India.

The Institute joins the family of six other UNESCO “Category 1” Institutes in the field of education. Category 1 Institutes are an integral part of UNESCO’s education programme and budget, bringing additional specialized expertise in core areas such as planning, curriculum development and lifelong learning.

Through research and capacity-building, MGIEP aims to develop and promote new approaches to education, empowering learners to transform their lives and build a more peaceful and sustainable world. This is the first UNESCO Institute in India, specialized in education and the first in the Asia-Pacific region. Recognized as a centre of excellence in education, the institute would focus on research and capacity development, supporting education reform and innovation in education for peace and sustainable development particularly throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

An expert Advisory Body of leading international educationalists has been appointed, to work with the Director of the Institute to develop a programme of activities in the following domains:

Expanding the knowledge base:
What is good education? The institute will collect information about successful approaches for education for sustainable development, about what has to be kept in mind, what can be applied where and how useful different programs are.

Providing technical advice:
Together with regional UNESCO offices the Institute seeks to help governments to assess their current educational
system, to reform it and shape it in order to promote peace and sustainable development, to detect gaps and provide
professional assistance.

Building networks and partnerships:
Bringing together educational stakeholders from all levels and connecting to the existing network of UNESCO, the institute aims to create a platform of qualified exchange and cooperation.

For more information contact:
Mr Kabir Shaikh,
Director, MGIEP
35 Ferozshah Road
ICSSR Building, 1st Floor, New Delhi
Ph: 011 - 23072355 to 59

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