Access and Benefit Sharing in India
A Research Study and Four Sectoral Briefing Papers

Kanchi Kohli and Shalini Bhutani Contributory amount: Rs150/-; Available in both English and Hindi

The Study:
The ‘Balancing’ Act Experiences with Access and Benefit sharing under India’s Biological Diversity law

The study is an inquiry into whether India’s domestic legislative measure related to biodiversity and people’s knowledge - the Biological Diversity Act, 2002, can in compliance with Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) become a balancing force. Based on actual experiences, including the first 108 ABS agreements signed by India’s National Biodiversity Authority and the positions of the Govt of India vis-a-vis the international law on ABS contained in the Nagoya Protocol, it examines whether the legal regime gives equal attention to facilitating access by users on one hand, and on the other hand guaranteeing real benefits to local provider communities.

The Papers:
Four Facts About ABS / Chaar Baatein ABS Par

Sectoral issues and concerns on Access and Benefit Sharing under India’s Biodiversity Regime
No. 1 on ABS and Agrobiodiversity
No. 2 on ABS and Livestock & Poultry
No. 3 on ABS and the Marine & Coastal Sector
No. 4 on ABS and the Forestry Sector

The four sectoral papers first explain the linkages of the biodiversity regime to the specific sector. They then take a deeper look into how ABS-ready each of the different sectors are. And whether departments, ministries and communities in the country are equipped to both realise biodiversity justice and meet conservation imperatives.

Though the papers are with reference to India, the issues and challenges that arise in each sector are of equal relevance to other biodiversity-rich countries that are struggling to deal with, among other things, ‘biopiracy’ of their intellectual heritage, depletion of their biological wealth and with it the deprivation of their peoples.

Readers are encouraged to read all the publications together as a package. It is designed to be useful not only to biodiversity researchers and local activists, but also to administrators, professors and students alike.

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An introduction to the Periyar Agasthyamalai Landscape of the Western Ghats
A booklet for schools in this landscape
Author: Peeyush Sheksaria, Illustrations: Deepthi Radhakrishnan

The booklet is developed with an intend to help teachers, children anyone interested to explore the Periyar-Agasthyamalai Landscape in the Western Ghats.

Interspersed with beautiful illustration along with an interactive narrative between Kelvi Kala a curious girl with many questions and Scientist Uncle who loves questions and is always ready to find simple answers. A mixture of facts and information put in a fun and learning way would encourage children to read on their own,
pose questions and look for answers themselves through observations and shared stories.

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