Editorial Vol.16. No.3

“Ethical Framework for A Sustainable World”

The International Conference “Ethical Framework for A Sustainable World” was held in partnership with the Earth Charter International in November 2010. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India was a co host and the Ministry of Envrionment and Forests,
Government of India, United Nations Educational, Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) were partners. Over six hundred delegates were present including from civil society / NGOs, corporates, academics and media, engaged in school and higher education, human rights, gender, peace, religion, citizenship, social justice and others. The Conference Report (coming soon) is a rich collection of reflective articles and case-studies that illuminate the ethical dimensions in these areas. In the meantime, this issue of Education for Change provides a few glimpses of the conference.

This issue also brings you a colourful photo-essay on the work of Dharohar Samiti for the conservation of rice varieties in Bastar, and an activity idea 'Food History' which can be used to discuss changes in nutrition and food and cropping patterns.

We invite readers' contributions on environment and development work, development communication and environmental education, as well as feedback. Do write to us (address on last page).

A farming family in Bastar helps conserve traditional rice varieties by growing these in their fields.

Courtesy: Satish Awate, CEE Central

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