Traffic in the Era of Climate Change walking, cycling, public transport need priority
Low Carbon Lifestyles' Toolkit

by Vidyadhar Date
Publisher: Gyan Book Pvt Ltd (2010)

Senior journalist Vidyadhar Date says the reason he writes about bicycling, streets, cars and pedestrians etc. is that 'it is on streets that injustice, economic and social inequality, is most visible. The trouble is we are so used to it that we have taken it for granted'. He calls for a humane, people-friendly, environment friendly shift in favour of public transport.

The 366-page book is quite wide ranging in its scope. The book is about the politics, economics and
sociology of the motor car, transport in general, the craze for speed, the complete lack of democracy on roads, the loss of public spaces caused by the motor car. It deals with street culture, streetscape, the relationship between architecture, transport, city planning, people and so on. The book also talks about how resistance is slowly growing to the dominance of the car. The pedestrian is at the centre of the book.

While the approach is quite serious, Mr Date has enlivened the book with numerous examples from every
day life, history, literature, cinema, theatre, politics and so on. As a student of literature and culture, and
theatre critic for several years for the Times of India, Mr Date is able to make interesting connections. A very wide array of renowned philosophers and poets and historians and film directors, playwrights share the space with traffic, transport and urban planners.

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Low Carbon Lifestyles Toolkit

Focuses on efficient use of electricity, transportation, LPG, water, organic waste and paper. The kit contains:
1 A message booklet on key low carbon practices
2 A CD which has the following:
       Excel sheets containing data and calculations on impacts of human actions leading to mitigation of carbon emissions and choices available
       A set of power point presentations on:
       Climate Change-basics, impacts on India etc.
       Low Carbon lifestyles in offices
       Low Carbon lifestyles in homes
       Low Carbon lifestyles in school
       A street play on Climate Change

This kit has been prepared with support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF)/ United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Small Grants Program (SGP) through a project 'Creating Green Citizens to link with the project titled Low Carbon Campaign for the Commonwealth Games 2010, New Delhi'.

For more information contact:

Prabhjot Sodhi
( or
Chetali Kapoor
Centre for Environment Education
(CEE), C-40, Ground Floor, South
Extension-, Part II, New Delhi
110049; Ph: 011-26262878/81

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Poster Set on Sustainable Transportation from SUM Net India

A set of nine illustrated posters from the Sustainable Urban Mobility Network India, on Footpaths, Cycle Tracks, Public Transport, Traffic Demand Management and more. Each poster quotes relevant references from the National Urban Transportation Policy, Govt of India.

Download A 4 size version from or mail to for a CD with high-resolution posters for printing in A 0 (23 inch by 36 inch) size, with your full postal address, contact details and brief information on how you plan to use the poster set.

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