Lauches and Releases during ICEE
EE Resource Books for Teacher Educators
This set of three resource books have been developed for the Indian teacher education context by CEE and the National Council of Teacher Education.

The books are aimed at helping Teacher Educators (at Diploma, Bachelors and Masters levels) to effectively transact EE in the preparation of school teachers. Self-contained units provide content and background information, followed by a well-explained teaching method and the required teaching resources. All resource books have units on themes like Environment and Development, Environmental Education, Evaluating and also education for Sustainable Development. The Resource Books are available at CEE Ahmedabad.

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Tbilisi to Ahmedabad – The Journey of Environmental Education A Sourcebook
ISBN 978-81-89587-25-3; Price: Rs. 250

“Tbilisi to Ahmedabad - The Journey of Environmental Education” highlights and captures the thought, practice, and major events that shaped the journey of EE since it began its formal journey from Tbilisi thirty years ago. More importantly, this publication helps understand how the journey of EE through these years has raised the consciousness for Education for Sustainable Development. During its evolution, EE has acquired a larger mandate to champion ESD so that all disciplines play a vital role and it includes all stakeholders in its journey forward.

As background material, the publication was intended to be a comprehensive reference document useful for discussions and deliberations to be carried out in the Conference by the participants.

CEE has brought out this publication as Version 1 with an intention to invite inputs, comments and contributions from EE and ESD fraternity on aspects and events that need to be included and have not been captured in the current version. CEE is in the process of bringing out the next Version which would include ICEE proceedings as well. The authors would like to hear from all who engage in EE and ESD with inputs and comments. Please write in to

DIShA for Sustainable Development
A Facilitators’ Handbook

ISBN 978-81-89587-17-8

Ms Amita Shaw, Director, National Bal Bhavan launched ‘DiSha’ a handbook for Sustainable development action. The book jointly developed by CEE and National Bal Bhavan as part of the DESD India Programme, is supported by the Indian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India. The publication seeks to guide and demonstrate the importance of Water, Energy, Biodiversity and Waste management – the key environmental concerns to children and teachers. The manual aims to:
• promote awareness of SD through a closer look at the child’s real world issues
• build knowledge and skills that are needed to observe, analyze, investigate, and offer solutions
• encourage sharing and communicating learnings with peers, parents and communities
• inspire action

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Environmental Education in the Indian School System Status Report 2007
With support from Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), CEE has worked with 15 States on greening of formal education at middle school level.
Put together and produced as part of the project supported by MoEF, with the help of State Education Boards and Councils, this National Status Report provides information on

  • India’s initiatives for EE in the school system
  • A case study of the Environmental Education in School System (EESS) project done in 15 states of the country.
  • State wise information on the compliance of the Supreme Court directive to make EE teaching compulsory

The Environmental Education in the Indian School System Status Report 2007 was launched by Ms. Meena Gupta, Secretary, MoEF on 25 November 2007.

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State of the World 2007: Our Urban Future The Indian reprint
ISBN: 0-393-06557-X; 0-393-32923-2(pbk); Price: Rs 340

The Indian reprint of State of the World 2007: Our Urban Future was launched on 26th November.
The Indian reprint, to be disseminated by CEE has a foreword by Dr H S Anand, Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Govt of India. During the launch, Dr Anand spoke about learnings from India – of improving the work conditions of rag-pickers while promoting door step collection and recycling, of slum rehabilitation, of micro enterprise etc – that must form part of the work of environmental educators.

Over the coming months, CEE will organize launch events and meetings in different parts of the country to take the stories in the book to citizens, activists, professionals and managers.

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Also available for purchase at CEE offices in Bangalore, Guwahati, Lucknow, Delhi and Pune (

Green Teacher Online Programme
Green Teacher Online is a web-based multidisciplinary course, specially designed for in-service

The course offers practicing teachers and educators an opportunity to empower themselves with knowledge and skills in Environmental Education. The programme aims to establish a learner-centred and learner-controlled on-the- job training opportunity.

The programme has been developed in partnership with and support from the Commonwealth of Learning, Canada. Metalearn Private Services Ltd is the technical partner. Green Teacher Online will commence in 2008.

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